"Did you know young people who miss school, who are on the street late at night; or who run away because of problems at home who have been lured into the digital culture, could be targeted by traffickers?
Human Trafficking is where adults can make money off of ‘thrown away’ youths whose families have abandoned them by forcing them to work or have sex for next to nothing in very bad living conditions! From the migrant who cannot speak the language to the child who is feeling neglected, Human Traffickers are watching and waiting in the form of father figures who give positive attention and affection! Please be aware. If you are suspicious about the way a young person is being handled by an adult call the Police! BBCS4Luton is an out of hours social enterprise that offers counselling, advice and support to those who have been abused by power and trust. Tel: 07957 540 899 for more information."




Myrna Loy is a qualified counsellor, a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, and PTLLS qualified (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector). 
Myrna is the Founder & Publisher of Blackbright News.  Myrna spent 11 years in the United States where she worked for the United Nations Development Fund in New York; She elected to spend a year on a peace-keeping mission in Angola and returned to the UK in October 2000.  Myrna has always had compassion and sought to support victims of abuse in its many forms.


Dollin graduated from the Universities of East London and Bedfordshire with post-graduate degrees in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies (MA), International Human Rights Law (LLM) and Media Representation (MA) by Research.
Dollin’s passion lies in helping those who are disenfranchised, dis-empowered and disadvantaged everywhere.  Dollin Holt is also the Director of Caprecon, a humanitarian charitable organisation


Kempton Stewart has served in both the military and paramilitary forces and was promoted to serve at the Prime Minister’s residence in Guyana. 
Kempton has spent most of his life in either a caring or serving profession and has a Diploma in Management Studies.


We are Blackbright Community Services Limited (BBS4Luton), an out of hours Social Enterprise that supports those abused by power and trust.

Our aim is stop human trafficking from getting a foothold in Luton and to raise awareness to help prevent vulnerable persons fleeing from the perpetrator into the hands of the trafficker.

BBCS4Luton aims to prevent human trafficking in Luton by raising awareness of the unacceptable practices involved in the trafficking trade and will work in partnership and in collaboration with existing agencies/ services to expose those who prey on vulnerable persons.

BBCS intends to promote a paradigm shift that seeks to reduce the demand or desire to exploit the vulnerable, via information programmes, awareness raising workshops/conferences and a resource publication.

BBCS informs how we can avoid being  complicit in  exploitation, by listing goods and products that it believes are in violation of Fair Trade, (i.e., produced by forced labour or exploitative practices).

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BBCS4Luton provides individual therapy for victims of human trafficking.  Our therapists work with clients on an individual basis, using a variety of Therapeutic modalities based on the needs and comfort level of the individual.  BBCS also works with survivors in groups for group counselling allowing clients to support each other in the healing process.  If you know someone who could do with some therapeutic support, please complete a referral form and email it to bbcs4luton@aol.com.

BBCS4Luton is always research new ways to improve the situation, and believes that by signposting and/or creating partnerships with like-minded organisations and agencies, is a good place to start.

BBCS4Luton is planning their first Human Trafficking Awareness Raising Conference on 19th May 2015, at The Hat Factory in Luton, which will be held in the evening, at 6:30 p.m.  To book your place, or to find out more information please email bbcs4luton@aol.com

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